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Siberian Kittens for Sale

It’s a boy, and a girl! And three more boys and a girl! Siberian Kittens that is…

Siberian Kitten Birth Announcement x 2

We have had two beautiful and colorful Siberian kitten litters born in the last 10 days.  We have finally some red boys again and some sparkling torbies and a striking brown classic boy.

Siberian Litter: Nynaeve and Quantocius are the proud parents of Tristan & Isolde.

Image of Siberian Kittens at Pendraig born on Valentien's Day

Tristan the red tabby and Isolde brown torbie Siberian Kittens

Our Valentine’s Day 2014 litter is named for an ancient tale of star crossed lovers Tristan & Isolde. Meet Red Tabby Tristan and Torbie Isolde. Born from our Traditional and Imported lines Pendraig Nynaeve Al Meara Amour and father Pendraig Quantocius.

We are excited by the excellent potential these kittens exhibit and both are on hold for breeding/show evaluation. If all goes well this little boy will be traveling far to join another cattery and new friend and the little Isolde will stay to join our small cattery and give me an amazing kitten to show.



The Siberian Cat Litter Y – born 2/23/14

Siberian-Kitten-YLitter-Pendraig-Siberians_birth_20140223_001This litter of Siberian kittens is out of our reliable mother and spectacular stud cat Tiger (La’Shawn Amavi). As usual Sibeal gives us lots of vivid patterns and some beautiful color. It has been ages since we welcomed two red males in one litter and now we have three in the house plus of course the big boy Quantocius.

These kittens are newborn still and we will take better photos at 1 week but enjoy these for now. We also will settle on names for the Y litter when we take those updated Siberian kitten photos.

We have some kittens available so if you are interested check Available Siberian Kittens for Sale. or just skip right to the Application

See the individual Y Siberian Kittens on their birthday

Image of newborn Siberian Kitten brown classic tabby at Pendraig Siberians

Y Litter Boy Brown Classic Siberian Kitten

Image of newborn Siberian Kitten female brown Torbie

Y Litter female brown Torbie on hold for evaluation



Red Classic Siberian Kitten boy Newborn from Y Litter – on hold waiting list


Image of newborn Red Siberian Kitten boy at Pendraig Siberians Feb 23, 2014

Red Siberian Kitten male newborn from Pendraig’s Y Litter 2014 – on hold waiting list


Downton Litter Names & Cat Toy Giveaway Winner – Pendraig Siberian Cats

Downton Abbey Siberian Kitten Litter at Pendraig

Image of Pendraig Siberian Kittens at 2 weeks old our Down Abbey Litter

Downton Abbey Siberian Kitten Litter at 2 weeks old

As promised we’re introducing the Siberian kittens with the new names you helped pick out! It was fun to include our customers, fans, and fellow cat lovers in a game of naming these kittens. Those fans of Downton Abbey can appreciate memorializing the show and our favorite characters.

It was fascinating to which names and which characters were most popular.  I was a bit surprised to see Daisy go from no votes at all most of the polling then suddenly surge forward and sneak into 3rd.  While from the beginning Branson had a strong following.

We enjoyed the poll and hope you did as well.  We also enjoyed the Give Away and we are proud to announce our winner – Amy Orvin!!  Amy please contact us to collect your prizes and thank you to all who entered.

So, let’s get on with the official introductions.

The Boys: Branson, Bates and Mr. Carson

All boys are available, fill out a Siberian Kitten application now and let your dreams come true!

Image of black classic tabby Siberian Kitten for sale at Pendraig Siberians

Pendraig Bates – male, black classic tabby.
SIB n 22

Image of Brown spotted tabby siberian kitten male available

Pendraig Branson – male Brown Spotted Tabby
SIB N 24 – show/breeder potential

Image of Pendraig Siberian Kitten available for sale brown mackerel tabby

Pendraig Mr. Carson is a beautiful mackerel tabby Siberian Kitten available Pet

The Girls: Lady Cora, Lady Violet, and Daisy

Daisy is reserved, one girl is on hold for us and one is available, fill out a Siberian Kitten application now and bring a little girl of furry love into you life!

Image of Brown Mackerel Tabby Siberian Kitten female available - show/breeder potential

Pendraig Lady Cora – SIB n 23
Brown mackerel tabby female

Image of Brown Mackerel Tabby Siberian Kitten female available - show/breeder potential

Pendraig Lady Violet – SIB n 23
Brown Mackerel Tabby Female – show/breeder potential, Available!

Image of Brown Mackerel Tabby Siberian Kitten female available pet

Pendraig Daisy – SIB n 23
Brown Mackerel Tabby Siberian Kitten boy – Available!

4 days left! Name our Siberian Kittens & Enter Cat Toys Giveaway

The newborn Siberian kittens grow bigger and fatter everyday!  We have a gorgeous litter and we are so proud including an unexpected little black classic boy.  A first for Tiger (La’Shawn Amavi) and FeLine.  We plan to retain one girl for ourselves from this litter and we have some people on the waiting list but… two are available to reserve!

Imagine of Pendraig Siberian Kitten girls Firefly 2013 Litter Inarra & Zoe

Two of FeLine’s beautiful girls from the Firefly 2013 Litter. Zoe & Inarra

Only four days remain to get your votes in for the names of this Downton Abbey Litter and to enter the drawing.  Remember you have many ways to enter an get points.  1 point per day for adding a new comment, 1 point per day for sharing on twitter or Facebook, Pinterest and the rest of them just be sure to comment that you did and give me the link to find your share.  Another entry for joining the newsletter where we will announce the winners (we will verify subscription for winners!).  Get an entry for telling us why you picked your favorites.  Remember, it all goes in the comments section of the Giveaway and Poll post.

And… to celebrate the New Year we are offering a special of $50 for any deposit paid before the end of the poll or $100 off full payment. — Pending Application approval of course.  So get those applications in and get your new Siberian Kitten from Pendraig and a special New Year’s Discount.

DEADLINE – Poll, Giveaway & Discount: January 12, 2014 @ 7:50 PM CST

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Pendraig Siberians Birth Announcment – Downton Abbey Jan 5, 2014

Image of Pendraig Siberian Kittens and mom FeLine

CH (N) Siberikos FeLine has made us proud again with her new litter of Siberian kittens.  We have 6 total with a confirmed 3 girls and 2 boys, one is a wait and see to be sure.  Some are on hold pending deposit but some are available!  Apply now.

These kittens take after her so far and are beautiful little black tabbies!  We cannot wait to name them with your help following the closing of the Name our Kittens Downton Abbey theme Poll on Jan 12 at 7:50 PM CST.  We will make an announcement via the newsletter, blog then Facebook as to names with photos on Jan 19 before the 3rd episode of Downton Abbey airs.

FeLine had an uneventful if long labor and is cozy with her kittens in the nursery.  We are so proud of her.

Pendraig Kitten Series – Borderands 2 male kitten Pendraig Handsome Jack

Our videos are postponed.  One week is too young and we are going to give them some extra time to grow before we do videos.  However we did snap some photos and we will introduce them by name starting today and for the next four days.  Enjoy!

Meet our Borderlands 2 Siberian Kitten litter born 4/4/2013

Our sweet kittens were born to AspenCreek Sibeal SunFire and Pendraig Quantocius. We have a beautiful litter of four with three girls and one boy. The boy is a brown classic tabby with very warm tones. His sisters include a very rare red classic tabby girl and two classic torbie girls one or both possibly golden torbie. We are very excited to see our next generation of the SunFire line born and our first red girl in 8 years.

Introducing first the little boy…

Meet the Siberian Kitten male Pendraig Handsome Jack

Image of Siberian Kittens for sale at Pendraig in Texas

Pendraig Handsome Jack on bottom.

This little guy is named after the love to hate and hilarious villian in the Borderlands 2 game we play together. He is a well written character and his voice over is perfectly performed. We can’t help but laugh even as we are horrified at his villianous actions. He is by far one of my favorite villians in media which is saying a lot as I am an avid reader and love films.

Our Handsome Jack is definitely handsome and we know will be sweet and lovable. He comes from our most loving lines. His 3 x great grandmother Sonja was one of our most beloved girls, best friend with our child since birth and as gentle as could be with him even when he piled blocks on her head. She purred and purred at any and all attention and that child could do no wrong. Her descendents have been much like her with absolutely devoted and loving personalities for their humans. Handsome Jack will be no different and he will have one lucky family adopt him and earn his devotion.

UPDATE 4/13/2013: As of today he is available to a pet home and is under evaluation for a breeding or show home. Check him out on our Siberian Kittens for Sale Page and on our Pendraig Siberian Cats Fan Page.

Newborn Siberian Kittens at Pendraig – colorful litter including rare red female tabby

Image of golden classic torbie Siberian kitten at Pendraig Siberians

Pendraig Maya Emrys SunFire

On April 4, 2013 Pendraig Siberians welcomed a new litter from AspenCreek Sibeal SunFire and Pendraig Quantocius.  Sibeal has given us another litter of four which seems to be her magic number.  Three girls and one boy this time.  Two girls are torbies and may be golden classic torbie (SIB fy 22).  One girl is a very rare red classic tabby female (SIB d 22) and the big and beefy boy is a handsome brown classic tabby (SIB n 22).

Check back as we update the website with photos of our newest Siberian kittens and check our Facebook Fanpage where we post photos immediately.  We will update our YouTube Pendraig Siberians channel with a video this weekend.  Be sure to Like, Favorite and Subscribe – Gabriel says.

We will post photos and introductions as well as unveiling this litter’s naming theme tomorrow.

Have a great weekend!


Pendraig Siberians wishes you a Happy Easter!! – Meet the kitten girls

Image of cute baby in Easter Bunny custumeEaster Siberian Kitten Series Special Success

We’ve had a wonderful time with our special series for Easter 2013.  We hope you all have enjoyed these posts.  Though we weren’t able to get them out as timely as we hoped we still enjoyed the fun and will continue these wonderful specials the year through.  Taking videos with the help of my five year old son is a joy and I love sharing that joy with our fans and cat lovers all over the world.  And he enjoys being a star!

Our Easter was quiet at home, everyone resting and recovering slowly from this flu.  We felt great love and caring from all over the world with our friends, cat owners, customers, and fellow cat breeders wishing us well and swift healing.  We felt great love of family who went out of their way to drop off goodies at our door so our son would not miss out on Easter because his parents were given doctor’s orders to stay at home and rest.  And We felt the love of our amazing Siberian cats and kittens who have kept us warm and purred to help sooth our pain.  What a blessed Easter it has been.

Now, it is your chance to get your own Siberian kitten to spend your next Easter with for many years.  We have available for sale two Siberian kittens, two are on hold pending deposit and we expect a beautiful litter soon of reds and maybe more golden Siberian kittens.  We would love to assist you to get your new family pet and our service is so much more than just selling you a kitten.  We offer our considerable expertise in nutrition, health and behavior consulting if you ever need it for the life of your kitten or cat from Pendraig.  And we offer also loving and beautiful retiring adults occasionally for those on a smaller budget as we all feel the pressure from this economy.  Whatever your needs Pendraig Siberians would love to assist you in getting the Siberian cat of your dreams as long as you in turn can provide them with the love, security and lifetime commitment they deserve.

Now… time to meet the girls!

Image of Siberian kitten females at Pendraig Siberians

Pendraig River Song and Amy Pond

Meet the Whovian Valentine Girls – Pendraig River Song and Pendraig Amy Pond

Our two remaining Siberian kittens in this litter to show case are the girls.  They are very similar in coloring though Amy Pond is a brown mackerel torbie and her sister River Song is a brown classic tabby.  They are sweet, cuddly, and beautifully made little girls.  Amy seems to favor her mother more right now while River favors her father but that changes as they get older.  Both have excellent chins, beautiful profiles and strong boning that is characteristic of good quality Siberian kittens.  They have promising coats and sweet dispositions.  River is a bit more confident right now but we know with more work Amy will respond well and will be a great kitten for a budding traditional breeder.

Image of Siberian kitten female breeding quality Pendraig Siberians

Pendraig River Song – Princess

Amy Pond is gentle and beautiful.  She would make a great companion to a child with a kind touch and loving spirit or to an adult wanting a princess to dote on.  She is available to a traditional only breeder home or as a show potential girl for someone wanting a show alter.  If you would like to adopt a Siberian kitten to show we highly recommend it and we are here to help.  We also offer rebates for titles earned.  It is a lot of fun, a great way to spend time with your family or a friend or something fun to do in retirement.  She is eligible to be shown in CFA, TICA, ACFA and other associations.

River Song will be staying here with us at Pendraig Siberians as our princess in training and show hopeful.  We had to take a break over the last year not showing and it is time to get back into the groove.  And we would be thrilled to meet you at a show!  We will be posting our itinerary here as we lay it out.  It has been a challenging time health wise for us as a family but showing is a wonderful family bonding experience plus good for the cats and our Siberian cattery.

We hope you enjoyed our Easter Special of Siberian Kittens, our Siberian Kitten videos and our photos.  Please be sure to check out our latest video of our Siberian kitten girls on PendraigSiberians YouTube channel.  And as Gabriel says be sure to “Like, Favorite, and Subscribe!”  Also give us some comment love, he just adores that.  And lastly do not forget to check us out on Facebook.  Our Pendraig Siberian Cats Fan Page is over 3500 fans strong now… we’d love to have you join us!  We post photos of our cats and kittens, fun moments we share, food recall alerts, action items to watch for, tips on raising healthy cats and more.

Happy Easter and Happy Spring!! =)  Enjoy the video below of Gabriel and the Siberian kittens River Song and Amy Pond.

Pendraig Siberians Easter Series day 3 – show potential male brown tabby Jack

Image of bunny holding flowers

Happy Easter from Pendraig Siberians

Welcome to our Day 3 Easter Special – a day late.  We all came down with a bad flu and our poor star Gabriel was not feeling up to a video as planned on Friday but today he was eager to give it a go despite a mild fever and still hurting eyes.   Easter snuck up on us extra fast this year but despite being ill we are looking forward to a great holiday at home.

Gabriel so enjoys sharing the kitties with you all and making videos for our channel on YouTube PendraigSiberians.  He likes being the star and host of our show.  Today we chose to showcase Pendraig Capt Jack Harkness.

Meet Pendraig Capt Jack Harkness – brown classic tabby male Siberian kitten

Adorable and striking boy Jack was born on February 14, 2013 to CH (N)Siberikos FeLine of Pendraig and (N)Nordskjaerets Eamonn.  He is a well balanced and beautiful boy with all brilliant potential to be a show champion in his own right.  He has a dense coat with the signature Siberian cat feel, hefty boning and a sweet and trusting disposition as you can see in our video here with Gabriel.

Image of show quality Siberian Kitten brown classic tabby.

Show Quality Male Kitten – Jack

Jack is a great little guy, with a loving personality already and it is so much fun to watch him play with his siblings and talk to his mom and sit so patiently in Gabriel’s hands as he is “stacked” like a show dog.  What a good boy!  If you are interested in learning to show cats or getting your next show cat fill out a Siberian Kitten Adoption application.  For the right show home we’re ready to make an arrangement as we really want this boy to be shown.  We will also consider a traditional Siberian cat breeder home that agreed to show him as well.

If you are looking for a pet we have some of his beautiful siblings available, boys and girls and another litter expected soon.  We raise our cats as part of our family and not in cages, we are the only Siberian cat breeders feeding a 100% raw diet and following the natural rearing model to raise the healthiest cats possible for your family.  And we put our money where our mouth is and offer up to a 12 year health guarantee for homes willing to follow our Ideal Diet & Care Plan for Siberian cats.  See our available Siberian Kittens for sale and also be sure to check out our Retiring and Rehoming Adult Siberian kittens.

All of our kittens are socialized to love people, other cats and dogs and we carefully place each kitten matching up personalities with your needs as a family or individual in your pet.  We are also successful at placing cats in allergy homes and would be happy to help you achieve your pet ownership dreams with one of our hypoallergenic cats.

Here is our latest video installment for our Happy Easter Siberian Kitten Series 2013 though it is a day late.  Gabriel and I are still hoarse from the flu but I am sure you will enjoy him as much as we do.  Be sure to leave him a comment on the video, I read those to him and he loves it!  He also says “Be sure to Like, Favorite and Subscribe and find us on Facebook where we have -MILLIONS- of Siberian kitten pictures”.  Hah, well not quite millions but definitely a lot on our Facebook Pendraig Siberians fan page.

We wish you a Happy Easter from Pendraig Siberians!

Happy Easter Series Day 2 – Meet Brown Tabby Siberian Pendaig The Doctor

Image of Easter bunnies and spring flowers

Happy Easter from Pendraig Siberians

Spring is here for many of us though it has taken a chilly turn in Texas.  Many of our friends around the world remain snow bound.  Well this Easter we are sharing some warmth of cute Siberian Kitten cuddles.

We are continuing our week before Easter (and new Doctor Who episodes!) with our daily videos of each of our current Whovian Valentines Siberian Kitten litter at Pendraig Siberians.  It is a fun and exciting promotion and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Though we are down with the flu my son and I took time out of our day to get this video for you of him cuddling the Doctor.  There is nothing like some Siberian Kitten cuddles to help us feel better and indeed he sure looks happy working his magic on this adorable little kitten.

Meet Pendraig The Doctor – brown classic tabby male at 5 weeks old

We’ve named this litter after our favorite family show Doctor Who.  This particular kitten we’ve named for the Doctor.  And he’s too young yet to know how clever he is though I expect with his two smart parents he will have his fair share!  Right now we can tell he’s handsome and oh so sweet loving to cuddle and romp around on his still clumsy legs and making us all delight in his adorable nature.

Image of brown classic tabby Siberian kitten Pendraig The Doctor

Pendraig the Doctor @ 5 weeks

He has a beautiful thick coat, the longer coat of the entire litter.  He is fuzzy and soft.  He will have the “marble” or “swirl” pattern common in classics and will grow in more warm tones as he matures.  He is big boned and heft and promises to be a big boy when he grows up.

His temperament and personality is only starting to come out but we can see his gentle nature and quirky sense of fun.  He would make an excellent pet for any family be it a couple of retirees wanting a companion or a young family with children.  He is easy going and full of love he is ready to share.

In this video you can see he calmly enjoys some tummy rubbing by my son.  He is definitely an easy going guy like his brothers in this litter!

If you are interested in adopting the Doctor or one of our other kittens please be sure to check availability of Siberian kittens for sale first and fill out an an adoption application.  We would love to help match you up with the perfect, healthy Siberian kitten for you or your family.

And check out more photos on our Facebook Fanpage

Easter is special this year – Our Whovian Valentines Siberian Kitten Litter is available to reserve!

Give the ultimate Easter Gift – A Siberian Kitten to love!

Image of Easter Bunny

Though we don’t recommend giving an animal as a gift on holidays because it is stressful on the new pet we do offer a unique way to make your Easter very special!  We have four beautiful Siberian Kittens available to reserve and we will send you photos, a story about your new kitten and a handmade organic cat toy designed exclusively for Pendraig Siberians.  You can put these into the Easter Basket or other spring gifts and surprise that special child in your life.  (When buying for another adult we do require that person be involved in the buying process as the legally responsible owner).

Meet Rory – the black tabby male Siberian Kitten

Image of black tabby Siberian kitten Rory available.

Pendraig the Last Centurian aka Rory – male black classic tabby

We have some very sweet Siberian kittens available for sale including little Pendraig The Last Centurian aka Rory.

Rory is an incredible fellow, very dark black tabby (also known as brown tabby).  He will lighten up as he matures but he is going to be a tall, dark and handsome guy and ready to steal your heart.

He comes from our two Norwegian imported Siberian cats.  His mother is our beloved girl and Champion (N)Siberikos FeLine of Pendraig.  Though we have not gotten to show her much she didn’t let that stop her from getting a best cat final and her champion title at her first show as an adult.  FeLine is gentle and loving and oh so sweet.  She has amazing type and superb health.  We are so blessed to have her here with us and to have her second litter of beauties.  We named this male, Rory for my husband’s favorite character in the international sensation Doctor Who.  He is named for Rory Williams also known as the Last Centurian and of course we do not want to give away any “Spoilers” but this is one romantic tale and my husband was quite taken with it.  He got me watching the show finally because of this story line and it is something we enjoy as a family.  We have broken away from using the alphabet naming structure for a time and will return to it soon.  In the mean time we are having some fun.

Today Rory got the special treatment of a tummy rub by our son Gabriel which included much giggling and the most adorable look on Rory’s face.  We happily took a video and posted it to our YouTube channel PendraigSiberians.  Check it out!  And as Gabriel says “Be sure to subscribe, favorite and like!”

And check back soon as we feature each of our available kittens with stories, photos and videos!