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Importing Cats

From Russia to Texas with Love – Pendraig Siberians new kitten (future queen)

Siberian Kitten & Princess of Pendraig in Texas

Golden lines meet red, with a touch of white!

This year has been about saving up to get some new lines and we’ve done it!  Quana Amavi earlier this year, Julian d’Arioska to give us silver and now this beautiful, amazing girl with her “Red Star” of fire kissed upon her brow.

Gabriel picked her out, loving her look and her loving personality as we saw her draped over people and hugging for kisses.  He also loves her “Red Star”, which to him is a mark of beauty denoting a very special cat.

Image of Pendraig Siberians new queen Dancing with Fire VivalaVita a brown torbie with white carrier of golden

Siberian Kitten Dancing with Fire Vivalavita of Pendraig

We have loved the cats at Vivalavita in Russia ever since we say their beautiful kitten Bozhena (now grown up and a mother!). We almost adopted her and brought her to Texas but Ekaterina wisely decided to keep her. Now we have a chance to adopt her sister (out of the same father CH Angelur Barkhan a most beautiful golden Siberian cat). Her mother is from our friends Nordskjaeret’s Cattery in *Norway* and is a lovely calico Siberian Cat.

Together they have given this stunning Siberian kitten a rich warm brown tabby color, carrying golden, and red patches as she is a torbie. She also had lovely white markings on her feet and will give us back white spotting in our cattery.  She is the ultimate example of what a traditional Siberian Cat should be.

Add to all of this her outstanding temperament, large size and large parents, fully health screened multiple generations and some new lines to keep our gene pool wide with some of the best lines out there to insure the rare golden color. This Siberian kitten enriches our lives and just in time to celebrate our 11th anniversary of the founding of Pendraig Cattery and my birthday.

Keeping checking in for updates on this great girl, and her upcoming Siberian Cat Princess profile page, show brags and next year her kittens in turn! Sign up for our Pendraig Siberians mailing list too.

Silver Siberian kittens back at Pendraig Siberians, Thanks to Arioska!

Pendraig & Arioska bring new Traditional lines to Texas

Image of silver tabby Siberian cat Lazar from Pendraig Siberians in Texas.

Pendraig Lazar – Silver tabby with green eyes.

Since our last litter of silvers in 2011 we’ve had a missing element in our cattery.  This unique and beautiful color in our kitten litters was always a part of Pendraig and a signature color of course.  Without silver Siberians Pendraig was not the same. From the beginning our cattery had silver / smoke Siberian cats. Our first year, while Hurricane Rita was bearing down on the coast, Houston and then our heads, our smoke tortie and white girl Anya was giving birth to a litter of silvers and one smoke color point.

We’ve had several silvers, including one rare and lovely shaded silver Siberian kitten Clara (Sophie at home) and the most handsome Lazar – a steely silver boy with bright green eyes.  Besides red and golden it is a favorite color especially with torbies and or creams that appear almost white with a hint of peach.  There’s nothing like a silver.

Well things have changed since then. We now work only with traditional Siberian lines and have been focusing so much on building type especially on our beloved Sunfire line we’ve had since the beginning that is unique to our cattery. This meant letting silver go as there were not any suitable kittens for what we needed to move the type forward.

Now, thanks to our dear friend Barbara Arioska and her gorgeous Siberian cats we have silver coming back home to Pendraig. And along with it the strong type, beauty, grace, health and longevity the best traditional lines are known for as well as what we hope will be a lifelong friendship as our cat families merge. Forever going forward Pendraig will have Arioska in the silver lines and in our hearts.

Image of brown tabby at Arioska Siberians the handsome Mefodiy Arioska

Brown Tabby Siberian Cat Mefodiy Sibaris of Arioska.

It is truly a strange road that brought us together and funny to think of who we have to thank. For sure we have the magnificent Mefodiy Sibaris to thank as it was this cat that my son fell in love with a few years ago that lead us to this dream come true.

Gabriel saw Mefodiy as we were scrolling through photos on Facebook and he gasped in awe, demanded that we like like like all his photos. And then showing what an unusual and special child he is he asked not for a kitten but for Mefodiy himself. Asking for that glorious cat to be ours and for us to breed cats as beautiful one day. Our type has come a long way but we have much further yet to go to compare to Sibaris lines and Arioska too. Gabriel is well pleased to have a grandson of Mefodiy joining us, since he cannot have Himself, and in silver too. And we are overjoyed to have a blessed and true friend in Barbara. It is my hope that one day Gabriel and her son will show their cats together and maybe each will have taken over the catteries from us. This is certainly the start of a beautiful cat family that spans half the world.

Now comes the hard part as we must choose between two stunning silver boys and the long wait to determine which boy, Julian or Jasper will be our Pendraig Siberian Stud.  It’s ok we trust Barbara Arioska to send us her very best and we are blessed for the honor!

Our newest Siberian Cat Stud from Norway has arrived

Siberian Kitten Eamonn and Gabriel at Pendraig Siberians

(N)Nordskjæret Eamonn of Pendraig and Gabriel

Pendraig Siberians is happy to welcome our new boy from Norway.  He is a lovely red classic tabby out of lines we’ve long wanted to have as we build our traditional cattery up.  His name is   (N)Nordskjæret Eamonn.  He is everything that we hoped for in a new stud.  A robust but balanced build, promising type, a lovely and strong head that will help us bring strong heads to our lines in the future.  He is a red classic which is our favorite color and pattern besides goldens.  he is also a darling boy that loves attention and is intelligent and fun.

It was a long trip for him from Norway but he traveled it well and arrived clean and neat too!  What a good boy he is and it’s amazing for a kitten too.  He is our fourth Siberian kitten imported from Europe and our second from Norway.  We are grateful and truly blessed to have him join our family.

Siberian kitten Eamonn the red classic tabby

(N)Nordskjæret Eamonn of Pendraig

Eamonn will help us towards our goals and we plan for him to have a long reign as a king at Pendraig Siberians.  It has been a few years since we had a red stud and now we are lucky enough to have two, Eamonn and our up and coming boy Pendraig Quantocius.  We started our cattery in 2003 with our first Siberian cat a red mackerel tabby and it is a wonderful feeling to get back to those roots.

There is so much we can say about this wonderful Siberian kitten but the most important thing is that we love him!! Thank you so much, Synnove of  (N)Nordskjæret cattery  for these amazing little guy and the beautiful photos too.  We have started a photo album on our Siberian Cat Fanpage on Facebook.


Siberian Kitten from Russia – Pendraig’s New Princess

Image of Siberian Kitten from Russia

Turandot-Amour Fialka


It is with great joy that we announce our plans to bring over a new import from Russia.  This girl is from Fialka cattery, a top cattery producing amazing traditional Siberian cats.  We have long admired Fialka’s cats and it is a dream become reality that we are finally bringing home a Fialka Siberian Cat of our very own.

Turandot is very special not just because she is from Fialka lines on her sire’s side but because she offers the US a new foundation line through her dam.  Cats not seen in our gene pool will be adding to the diversity of our breed and will be a great asset to our Golden Siberian Cat program.

Her sire is G Int. CH Amour-Timange Fialka.  He is titled in both WCF and FIFe.  He represents the glory that is the Siberian Cat in it’s traditional form, large, big boned, and well muscled he looks like a wild cat on the prowl.

His beautiful head and coat can set any heart a flutter.  It is little wonder he has been so successful.  He also comes from two EC (European Champions) for parents, EC Jonathan-Timange Fialka and EC Veilchen Prinzessin.

Image of Siberian Kitten Turandot from Fialka

Turandot-Amour Fialka

Her dam Manchzhury Gertsoginya of Fialka is out of foundation lines bringing lines from as far away as Vladivostok in the far East (a Pacific Port) with lines from east of Moscow.  She represents the aboriginal Siberian cat and provides a unique chance for diversity in our cattery, through her daughter, not found in many others.

Turandot represents the best of the marriage between champion show line cats and foundation cats.  We can only believe she will bring the best of both to our cattery.

Turandot’s Pedigree (PawPeds)

Pendraig Siberian Cats welcomes (N)Siberikos FeLine

Image of a brown tabby Siberian Cat from Norway and Gabriel Campbell.

(N)Siberikos FeLine of Pendraig & Gabriel Campbell

After a long flight for FeLine that spanned two days and half the globe we are overjoyed to welcome this beautiful and sweet Siberian Kitten into our home, our family and our cattery. She is everything we hoped for with beauty, grace, wonderful coat texture and promising type. She is so beautiful and sweet, sitting patiently in our toddler’s often overeager arms and building a new bond that I know will be something he remembers fondly one day.

We cannot thank Kristin Bolme of Siberikos Siberian Cats enough for this wonderful, amazing and loving cat. She is not only an important part of our family and our hearts now but a crucial part of the future of our cattery as we continue to embrace and celebrate the traditional type Siberian Cat.

Image of (N)Siberikos FeLine of Pendraig a Siberian cat and a child

(N)Siberikos FeLine of Pendraig & Gabriel Campbell

It is our hope to show her here in the USA and help gain more exposure for traditional type Siberian cats in the CFA and TICA show halls. Her darling personality is an extra bonus for us that can only be the result of fantastic care by a loving breeder who puts everything she has into raising wonderful cats. Thank you, Kristin. We love her with all of our hearts. Gabriel is especially happy as you can see here in these photos we took today.

Feline’s flight was blessedly uneventful, as far as we know, and her flight arrived on time to Houston.  We had an easy time getting her final paperwork finished and going to the U.S. Customs office to get their approval.  After all of that was done we were able to pick her up.  All in all it took about an hour but we had to travel from here to Houston (3.5 hr drive) and she had to sit in her crate for that as well but she was so sweet and patient.  I am sure she was happy to get a rest in her new room that night and after a quick snuggle by me and my son we let her have her blanket and toys her breeder sent with her.  She ate most of her food and settled right in.  I am always amazed at how well cats take such long travel.  I know if it was me I’d be a little worse for wear. =)

If you are ever considering importing a cat from another country be sure to look up the laws and regulations so that it goes smoothly.  Some countries have special requirements.  When we send Pendraig Nimue Emrys of Siberikos to Norway soon she will have her own journey to undertake but we know she will have the best home, and most loving care with Kristin.

Thank you, FeLine for coming to live with us and all you endured to get here.  We love you! =)

Introducing our Golden Siberian Cat Program – Welcome Esenia Auric!

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