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Responsible Cat Breeding

My Neva Surprise at Pendraig Siberians

Image of Neva Masquerade Kitten born at Pendraig Siberians

Whiskey the Neva Masquerade born at Pendraig 2012.
Parents: Turandot-Amour Fialka x (N)Nordskjaeret’s Eamonn

Here at Pendraig Siberians we pride ourselves in healthy and traditional Siberian Cats.  To those ends we pledge that we run our heath screenings which we have done since we got our foundation cat Sonja scanned clear for HCM and her son Aslan at our first ever breeder’s screening clinic.  We have multiple generations of HCM negative screened cats by echo and most of them are done here in Austin by Dr. Katie Meier.

This year we continued that tradition with our latest generation and we will continue it every year we breed.  We also do some DNA tests though mostly it was for colors as committed traditional breeders we do not breed color point or Neva Mesquerade and we made this commitment in 2007 when we brought home our first traditional Siberian Cat Sunbeam Lilyana Krasa of Pendraig.

In all that time we never had a color point kitten and tested to make sure it didn’t happen.  We aren’t perfect however.  2011 was a chaotic year with evacuations for wildfires, constant worrying, and yes… an entire box of precious papers lost during one evacuation or when we moved after that stressful spring, summer and fall.   I let it get lax though when I assumed my two imports in 2011 were not carriers for cs and I got a big surprise… they were.

Turandot-Amour Fialka a beautiful girl with a precious new foundation line carries for cs gene and my beautiful red classic boy (N)Nordskjaeret’s Eamonn also carried from his father.  I was not sure if I had misunderstood that these cats were cs gene free or had been told that but it was a mistake and instead of embarrassing these wonderful breeders AND confusing my buyers I had a loving family who saw her color as special that wanted to take her.  I quietly petted out Whiskey as she is called by her family at a marked discount from my usual pet price but with all health guarantees included.  She was spayed prior to being placed as is done with ALL my pet cats and her papers set up for NOT FOR BREEDING and NOT FOR SHOWING.

Anyone getting a breeding cat out of either or both parent was notified to test for cs gene before purchase.  I did not want someone to be surprised as I was nor would I find it at all reasonable to neglect to share such information.

This should have been the end of it though I felt bad hiding her from the world, she is a beautiful girl and perfectly healthy with only the bad luck to be born a Neva in a Traditional program.  I made a mistake not telling the world about her and owning my error immediately.  For that I apologize to the breeders who have trusted me with their magnificent cats and to Whiskey and her family.  We are rectifying that error now and encouraging her amazing and loving family to share her on Facebook or wherever they like.  They are welcome to share her far and wide and I enjoy as always the updates about her.  I love her no less for her color.

It is my pleasure to also report this family is also now adopting a traditional boy, our rare red solid boy Yaromir and he will join them in a few weeks.  You can watch him and Whiskey grow together and we will add them to our updates on our graduates and to our testimonials page.

To my few cherished proteges I hope you learn from my mistake here as well.  Always test any incoming cats unless you got copies of DNA tests of the parents (and probably even then) for cs gene prior to breeding.  Do not trust pedigrees either that do not show a color point as it can be misleading…. the foundation line carrying the cs gene on Turandot’s pedigree never showed a Neva on her pedigree.  The second mistake is to not realize there are sad and pitiful people out there who want nothing else than to bring others down.  She has taught me a valuable lesson here and one I will not forget and it is important you also remember and protect yourself against some busy body out there wanting to dig up dirt out of jealousy or boredom or Lord knows ready to completely blow up an innocent or small situation into something completely different.   One fraction of a crack in your honor can be blown up by such a person like water working it’s way into a boulder… from a favorite movie “Legends of the Fall”.   This single color point born to me, my cattery, my cats or in my home since 2006 has caused quite a stir but we hope everyone can move on now and Whiskey and her family can enjoy their kittens without further harassment from that other breeder.

To our endearing bully and busy-body… get a life.  You harassed my buyers which is rude and dishonest, you never once came to me to ask if you were concerned as you claimed to them and you exploited their innocence. I would never grill your buyers in such a matter.  You smeared cats that had nothing to do with this fiasco with the ease of mistaking Q for Eamonn (two red classic tabbies have confused many buyers) and added to the confusion.  I did enjoy a good laugh at your outlandish accusations and boasting of all your friends in high places… yet again.  Well, I am only giving you the attention you crave so I will end it here.  I find it alarming you have such a high opinion of yourself as a breeder yet you have a complete lack of understanding how recessive gene inheritance works.  A carrier of cs gene has a 25% chance of creating this Neva with another cs gene carrier and a 50% chance of passing that onto her children with a cs gene free one.. a coin toss doesnt HAVE to produce heads every time.  Perhaps taking a PawPeds breeding course or three might help AND give you a better hobby.

To all my buyers, fans, and friends I apologize also for the sloppy website.  I will be upgrading and updating it as soon as I get some new photos and in the mean time I am also updating and fixing many typos and inaccuracies I had to make sure all health screenings listed are accurate and up to date with links to some reports or email me for them if they are not listed.  We are also happy to have our cs tested cats listed on the SiberianWorld group’s database.

I am happy to report a second lab has confirmed that Pendraig Quantocius is not a cs gene carrier as UC Davis also reported for his mom Gemma not being a carrier.  I am even more happy to report something that really matters… they are negative for HCM with normal echo scans.  We are also free of the PKD1 gene and I am working on finding a way to sonogram for other PKD types and kidney diseases.  We are adding PK Deficiency via DNA test also this year though with all this testing and retesting it may be a few months for me to start getting those done.

Hopefully this post can end the drama that has been going on for a couple of weeks now and allow everyone to get back to their regularly scheduled lives.  I took the time to notify anyone involved first before I made this announcement to the world at large as the surprise was more than enough for me alone.  And for my sanity I must make sure no more Neva are born my son wanted very much to keep this “white cat” and he has been lecturing me on why he needs one to show.  We have found a lovely potential red silver or red silver shaded that will do for him though I think.

My love to you Whiskey!!  And again my sincere apologies to my friends, colleagues and Whiskey and her family.  There is no shame that requires us to hide her and I should have known that.  God Bless you all.


10 years of Natural Rearing & Raw Diets for Pendraig Siberians


Soon we are celebrating the 10th anniversary of establishing our cattery and what a decade it has been.  When we came onto the scene we blew up old ideas and offended the very limited expectations of animal husbandry and health with our revolutionary ideas of natural rearing and natural and raw diets, and our passionate dedication to striving for perfection instead of settling for what was easy or what was always done.

It didn’t make us popular with other breeders.  So many were hostile to raw diets, so many were rudely skeptical of natural rearing models, and so many scoffed at our beliefs that we can extend the life quality of cats and longevity with these natural rearing models and excellent breeding practices.  We had many detractors, and we still do even as many begin to mimic us.  Today we see we’ve blazed a trail and so many other Siberian breeders now at least claim to supplement diets with raw.  And it seems many more of our friends explore natural rearing and raw diets after seeing our success.  That’s amazing considering the hostility we faced 10 years ago.  And we are grateful that they have embraced it for the sake of their cats and their owners.  I didn’t invent natural rearing, I didn’t even coin the phrase, but I am so glad to have been the person who brought it to the Siberian cat breed.

Some of it is not surprising with the constant recalls of commercial pet food products, the continuing degradation of health and poor quality of life for these poor cats kept on unnatural kibble diets.  Perhaps in another ten years we will no longer be the only 100% raw feeding Siberian cat breeders and natural rearing breeders following the minimal vaccine schedule.  It is a hope and a prayer for the sake of cats everywhere that people, not just breeders, will embrace these easy and natural way of life for their beloved cats.  And breeders have a unique position to set this policy in their catteries and then train their kitten and cat buyers to follow suit.

We also bridged the divide.  Many natural rearing breeders feel very strongly, and rightly so, about raw diets and avoiding vaccination reactions and over-vaccinating that they will not place pets in homes that will not follow their model exactly.  We realized going in that not everyone was going to be ready for this and that we could find a more gentle ground encouraging owners to go with our Ideal Diet & Care Plan and get the benefit of our unheard of health guarantee up to 12 years.  And as the years progress more and more people opt for that over the General Plan (all grain-free kibble/commercial diets) or our Advanced Plan (a mix of both).  And the hundreds of people we have counseled, taught and consulted may have helped to change the world.  People are now thinking about what they feed their cats and not trusting blindly to veterinarians ill suited to nutritional advice.  And it doesn’t stop there.

Thanks to this inspiration and all the hundreds of people, most not even my customers, that have come to me for advice over the years I have decided to write a book on Natural Rearing of cats for every day pet owners and I hope to have it published soon.  Thank you for your support these ten years and for inspiring me to reach for my dreams and embrace what my heart knows as truth.  Encouraging me not to compromise my values and ethics but to stand my ground even under fire.  And I’ve learned even more as I made my own mistakes, discovered new methods and how to overcome adversity and strife.  Most importantly I am grateful for this experience teaching me that even a small pebble makes a big ripple and what a ripple I have caused.  It is truly a wonder to know so many blessed cat and dog owners throughout our world are starting to see the benefits and profound truth of feeding species appropriate diets to our pets instead of commercial poison in pretty packaging.

And if you aren’t there yet, don’t despair.  I’m here to help and I hope my book will inspire you in turn to take the plunge and never look back.  While you wait for my book please take advantage of my free Raw Diet & Natural Rearing for Cats booklet online and other materials and if you need a shopping list just drop me a line or find it on my blog (Shopping List for Pendraig Kitten Buyers – update coming later this week).  I have it ready for my customers but I offer it freely as a gift to all cat owners and lovers.

I truly hope the next ten years brings us closer to the natural rearing model, wholly and not compromising.  That I have enough natural rearing warriors ready and willing to go that extra mile for their cats while they discover its actually easier than what they used to do.  While I am at it I will dream that every shelter in America embraces the No Kill Nation philosophies AND natural rearing for shelter pets.  Imagine the great good that could bring to one and all.

In the mean time I will enjoy my growing generations of naturally reared, holistically raised, raw fed Siberian cats glowing with health and vitality.  I will bask in their light as they share their lives with us and with our customers both future, past and present.  As I write this I hold a legacy of that natural rearing model from ten years ago.  The 3 x great grandson of the first Pendraig bred queen… Pendraig Red Sonja SunFire.  And my joy is boundless as I anticipate him being a 3 x great grandfather to countless naturally reared cats all over the world.  Not just our own Pendraig Siberians from London to Hong Kong, Nova Scotia to Norway and all over the USA but also the few select breeders who embrace at least some of our philosophy and have thus been entrusted to carry our lines forward.

God bless you all and the Siberian cats.  And thank you for making these last 10 years possible.

It’s easy to post your comment to oppose the USDA-APHIS Rule Change

Just go to this link:!documentDetail;D=APHIS-2011-0003-0001

One of my kitten buyers said she was confused about what to post for her comment and that my other posts were too much to read.  So, here it is more concise and laid out.  5 hours remain as of this posting, it closes down at 11:59 PM eastern time.

You can pick any of these, or all of them, to comment on.  Comment separately for each point as the USDA-APHIS will read it better if it is shorter with one point per comment.

  1. Tell them why you picked a family based breeder for your pet.  And that this rule change will drive them out of existence.
  2. Tell them you picked a rare breed, or a specialized breeder, who ships and it would be have been a burden on you financially or on your family, or impossible with your work schedule, to fly to the breeder to meet them in their home or get your pet.
  3. Tell them you appreciate how your breeder raises your cats to be used to home noises, people, dogs, other cats and many other things they can only learn in a home setting and not isolated in kennels or cages in a separate building.
  4. That you buyers know how to choose a responsible breeder, one that has a health guarantee and requires a veterinary examination of the pets within a short time frame of going to their new homes.  There is no need for APHIS oversite to ensure healthy pet sales.  A breeder who sells inferior or sick animals will be complained about, reported to authorities for animal abuse or neglect or reported to their respective registries.
  5. This rule change concerns you because you believe it will inappropriately interfere with your ability to obtain a healthy, well socialized pet from a breeder in the future as you do not want to buy from a large commercial breeder or a breeder that does not raise the pets in their home.
  6. This rule change is a violation of the privacy rights of all breeders requiring strangers to be allowed in their homes, putting their families and small children at risk as well as a burden to require they be home to accept random inspections and not able to work, attend school, or leave anytime.
  7. And lastly you can say in your own words something similar to what I did:  I am a concerned citizen who worries about our government’s inability to balance their budget or to reduce our debt and it is not in our best interest as Tax Payers to have the USDA-APHIS broaden it’s scope to inspecting thousands of small hobby breeders especially when they already do not have enough inspectors over our food suppliers which pose a very real threat to the health and well-being of every American.



USDA-APHIS Rule Change to Destroy Rescues and Family Pet Breeders – Help us save them!

Of the many alerts we’ve received from a variety of groups this is an excellent one that explains why you need to help us oppose this rule change and stop the APHIS power grab.  As of this posting we have 8 hours left for you to send in those vitally important comments.  Please help!  You can send your comment in here.


Image of Siberian kittens with a child, if the APHIS rule takes over small responsible breeders our son could no longer help with the kittens.

Our son Gabriel at 3 years old with our P Litter Siberian Kittens. He loves to help out, helps to “kid proof” our kittens but if the APHIS rule change goes through he will no longer be allowed to or we could be fined. All kittens would have to remain in the kennels at all times.

PASS IT ON!!!!!!

Dear fellow pet breeders and pet owners:

Here is a list of reliable sources with explanations of how the proposed USDA/APHIS rule would affect breeders of dogs, cats, rabbits, and other pet species; directions and links for submitting your comments; and suggestions on points to make.

Please crosspost to others who will be affected if this rule is adopted: all pet breeders and pet owners, including those involved in dogs shows and dog sports, and fanciers of cats, rabbits, and other pet species.

  • Ask every member of your family to submit a comment - volume counts in this process.
  • Ask your puppy/kitten/bunny (and other pet) buyers to submit a comment - their future choices may be severely limited if this rule is adopted.
  • Send it to members of groups that aren’t pet-oriented, but believe in the values of personal privacy, free market, consumer choice (and responsibility!!), and freedom from excess government regulation.

The attached article was published by the Dog Federation of New York.  No author was identified.  There was a significant error pointed out by the SAOVA team, and I corrected it in the copy I saved.  If you see another version of this somewhere that refers to “no more than 25 dogs” at #4 on p.1 and #4 on p.2, that is an error – that reference pertains to dealers, not “retail pet store” exemptions.  If your word processor won’t open the document, let me know and I will send the text in an email.  The article is long, but is a very comprehensive and (now) accurate explanation of the proposed rule, its impact, and the action you should take.

If you know of other online resources that should be included in this list, please let me know.  I’ll include them in future editions of this list and my exhortations to all of you to submit comments and recruit others to do so.  (There are five weeks to the comment deadline.  If you don’t hear from me five times by July 16, you might consider checking up on me…)


Thanks for your interest and action on this critical matter


Virginia Federation of Dog Clubs and Breeders  – great graphics here!!
(includes link to the APHIS “facility” requirements for dog breeders – no more puppies in the house!!)

Sportsmen’s and Animal Owners’ Voting Alliance (SAOVA)  I am on the team working on this campaign
(this page includes suggested comments)
(this page includes links to important materials, including APHIS facility standards for dog breeders – all 164 pages; APHIS inspectors won’t be snoopin’ in your bedrooms and under the sink, folks, because you won’t be able to raise babies in your homes!)

Texas Responsible Pet Owners Alliance – these guys are great!
(short, clear)

Scottish Terrier Club of America
(excellent content, easy-to-read format)

National Animal Interest Alliance

Pet Industry Joint Action Council

United Kennel Club

Cat Fanciers Association

American Kennel Club

At this blog, scroll about 1/4 of the way down the page to the transcript of a May 31 conference call between rabbit breeders and USDA officials:   This illustrates why it is so important to submit comments to USDA about the terrible consequences of the proposed rule.

And, in case you missed it on other pages, here’s a link to a “stakeholders” (including HSUS and ASPCA) conference call with USDA officials the week before the proposed rule was published (there were unofficial copies of the rule available at the time):

Family Raised Siberian Kittens will be OUTLAWED! – Stop APHIS taking over.

Image of Siberian kitten held by toddler child from Pendraig

Image of our son Gabriel holding one of the kittens, carefully, while we do the photos for perspective owners. If the USDA-APHIS Rule change is made we will no longer have these sweet moments with our family.

We have less than 12 hours left before the USDA-APHIS stops taking comments on this atrocious rule change.  We need your help.  Please take a few minutes to send in your comments and read some of the 25 that we have sent in below for inspiration.  You can comment as many times as you like, shorter comments will make more impact.  We commented each time with a different point or thought or concern.  Comment here.

Some of our 25 comments (we have 4 more of them posted in this thread of posts on our blog).


1)      I breed a very rare breed and because of this I often have to ship in new breeding lines from far away, sight unseen from breeders I have researched and choose to work with.  I also ship my kittens far more often than any are placed locally because, again, this is a rare breed and the demand locally for them is not great.  These proposed changed would put an unfair, and unnecessary, burden on me and on my pet buyers to fly here and come to our home to see the kittens.  We have also shipped to great owners in Hong Kong, UK, Norway and Canada who could not have come here without great expense in addition to the shipping fees, and USDA-APHIS fees.  It is therefore discriminatory against hobby and small breeders of rare breeds who choose to breed responsibly and place their kittens into carefully screened homes.  Being able to ship the kittens sight unseen enables me to be picky about the types of owners my pets go to so that I can best guarantee they never end up in shelters, abandoned, abused, neglected or otherwise compromised. – Your Comment Tracking Number: 810d3b05

2)      I choose to breed responsibly and with the welfare of my cats in mind at all times.  This means that I do not breed them every heat and keep sometimes kittens to evaluate as they mature before ever deciding to use them for breeding.  This proposed change discriminates against me as a responsible breeder.  It will no longer enable me to keep a cat to see if she will be good for breeding, to show her before deciding to breed her, or to assist a friend, buyer or fellow breeder housing temporarily a female for them in an emergency or other situation.  It is unfair and biased to limit by number of animals arbitrarily.  It is also not backed by any research or statistics that show just because a breeder chooses to have multiple females in residence that they are in any way neglectful or abusive of their animals. – Your Comment Tracking Number: 810d3b06

3)      This rule change unfairly discriminates against small farms who sometimes sell animals as pets.  It is not unknown for goat farmers, meat rabbit breeders, and other livestock breeders to sell the occasional animal, sight unseen, as a pet.  Requiring they become licensed pet retailers is a onerous burden that is both costly and completely unnecessary.  Doug – Your Comment Tracking Number: 810d3b37

4)      The proposed rule changes are vague, undefined and broad as to be legally questionable, discriminatory and ambiguous.  This ambiguity leaves wide open the door to discrimination by individual inspectors as terms such as “breeding female” are not explicitly defined and no reasonable person can reasonably be sure they are not breaking the law thus this rule is not legal and would not stand up in court if challenged.  However challenging a large government agency is both costly and time consuming for small hobby breeders and  farmers and thus discriminatory against them.  Large commercial operations including those vaguely referred to the term “puppy-mill” will have a much larger budget to handle legal counsel and law suits to fight unfair and discriminatory inspection. – Your Comment Tracking Number: 810d3b38

5)      I have read that the USDA-APHIS has come to an agreement with large chicken farming operations, aka Factory farms, and processors to relax inspections.  The proposed rule changes for breeders is sure to take up the very important resources, inspectors, money and time needed to inspect these operations and processors and is thus endangering the lives of people including and especially children, the immune compromised and elderly who are at most danger when these factory farms and processors cut corners and end up with major health violations and salmonella and e-coli contamination which has killed people in the past and will again especially if inspections and regulations are relaxed.  Though we all love pets how can an ineffective attempt to stop the few “puppy mills” be more important than the safety of our children? – Your Comment Tracking Number: 810d3b57

Help Save Family Raised Pet Breeders! Stop APHIS now!

Less than 24 hours remain to post your comment:!documentDetail;D=APHIS-2011-0003-0001  (it only takes a few minutes, but write it in a note and copy and paste as they give you a 20 minute limit)

We still have some time left for you to get your comments in.  It doesn’t have to be elaborate or even well written just heartfelt and sincere.  It means so much to us that people are writing in, some our customers, some our prospective customers, and some random yet caring people that took a few minutes from their day to help save responsibly bred pets in the USA and our cattery.  I want to thank them including Jon who emailed me today after he sent in his comment having seen our Newsletter that went out last night (sign up to get our newsletters here).  I also want to thank Janet who wrote this lovely comment and sent it in, showing it to us Facebook.

Janet wrote: If breeders are forced to follow these regulations they will be deprived of the joy of helping raise kittens and helping to ensure our kittens are healthy, happy members of our families and accustomed to children and hu

mans of all ages. If the kittens are raised in a kennel that is all they will know or understand. This will forever handicap them mentally and emotionally as pets in a home environment.In my case, our cat, Vanya, would not have been comfortable around my 95 yr old father-in-law (Papa). Since our cat WAS raised “under foot” (in a home with other animals and people of varying ages) she was a comfort and friend to Papa before he died. She loved to ride on his walker seat when he walked around the house.PLEASE – do not pass this regulation. We NEED to have kittens raised as a part of a family.
Tracking Number: 810d7ce7
Thank you, Janet!  That is heartfelt and another important point as well that because we can raise and socialize the cats with our family, in our home, they can adjust to a variety of home situations and become very important to the people in their lives.  I love hearing about this cat and his friend, a 95 year old man who no doubt finds great joy in every day waking up knowing Vanya is there to greet him.  I know I do!
Please share your stories, send in your comments and if you want we can share them with the world just email them to us at or visit our Facebook Siberian Cat Fanpage and add them as a comment to our posts about this government encroachment of our rights and freedoms as pet owners and breeders.
Also if you have commented already and need help with more comment ideas (we’ve done 25 so far!) just check out what I got from the CFA today (where we register our cats along with TICA).  We plan to use the inspiration to make another 10 comments at least before the time runs out.  Will you help us up that number?  I hope so!   And God bless each of you for your concern and the time you are taking on our behalf and on behalf of pets.
The CFA Comment Guide has all the information you need to state your
opposition. It has instructions for using the Federal e-Rulemaking Portal
to submit comments online, a link to the portal, and pages and pages of
suggested points and arguments you can cut and paste into your opposition
comments. The CFA Comment Guide can be found at:

For additional information and background on this issue there are many
resources available on the CFA Legislative Alerts page at:

Texas Responsible Breeders Need Your Help

Today I received this message from the Responsible Pet Owner’s Alliance (RPOA) regarding that evil bit of legislation that our Governor Rick Perry signed into law despite the outrage of Texans everywhere and his promises on the US President campaign trail that he is supportive of less government, less taxes and preserving our liberties.  RPOA is taking action though and needs help raising funds for legal actions to stop this legislation from going forward and to protect breeders who might be harassed and discriminated against thanks to the passage of the anti-pet bill.

Even if you do not live in Texas please consider helping.  No donation is too small.  Those of you who have a Pendraig kitten or cat, are planning to get one or just appreciate the work I do for cats everywhere please consider making a donation in the name of your beloved cat(s) or for our sake.  We would be so grateful.

We always try to make donations to charities, rescues and feline health research with each kitten sold but now we will be making another donation towards the RPOA to help fund this endeavor to stop this travesty from continuing.

Bless each and every one of you, with your help I know that right can prevail and responsible breeders will be protected instead of persecuted.


Pendraig Siberians


>From RPOA Texas Outreach and
Responsible Pet Owners Alliance
“Animal welfare, not animal ‘rights’
and, yes, there is a difference.”
Crossposting is encouraged.
Monday, July 11, 2011

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! Where do we go from here?

RPOA Texas Outreach has launched a legal initiative regarding HB 1451, the
misnamed “Puppymill” Bill, that just passed affecting dog and cat breeders.
The bill was signed into Texas law by
Governor Rick Perry June 17th. We have an attorney on retainer and will
be filing injunctions at the appropriate times to block administration and
enforcement of the new Texas Law in any way legally possible. This law must
be rescinded.

It’s not a time to panic but rather a time to rally the troops and move
forward with an Action Plan. It takes much more than just a court case.
This is a major undertaking and will be expensive. We hope Texas animals
owners care enough to support RPOA. We must take back Texas and be the
“reasonable” voice regarding all animal issues.

Just a few items RPOA is working on, but certainly not a complete list yet:

1) RPOA hired an attorney and set into motion years of litigation in the
courts regarding our constitutional rights as Texas animal owners and the
unconstitutionality of HB 1451. Be assured HSUS will be involved at all
levels on the “other” side.

2) We’ll encourage our members to apply for positions on the Animal
Advisory Committee for Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation (TDLR).
Per TDLR’s deputy executive director the application will be on their
website August 1 – September 15. The appointments will be made around the
end of October, he says. And,

3) Monitor the administration and enforcement of HB 1451 by TDLR. Our
members are
to inform us of any harassment from “animal rights” extremists or attempts
by anyone to enter their premises without a Search Warrant. And,

4) Activate the 16 RPOA Chapters blanketing the state that we were
organizing before 36 bills hit us at the legislature this session. And,

5) Continue to educate the media regarding animal issues and what’s
happening in Texas. We have an RPOA “Media” email list which has been used
throughout this legislative session and resulted in much more balanced media
coverage regarding HB 1451. And,

6) Conduct a PR Campaign to promote responsible breeders and purebred dogs
and cats. According to PETA, there’s no such thing. And,

7) As an “Alliance” we’ll continue to network with other statewide and
national animal interest groups who oppose the radical “animal rights”
agenda. And,

8) Encourage our membership to develop an ongoing relationship with their
local and state elected officials. Send their representatives informational
material that we’ll distribute through E-News on a regular basis.

Donations to RPOA Texas Outreach can be made on our website with Pay Pal
or mail in to: RPOA Texas Outreach, 900 NE Loop 410 #311-D, San Antonio,
TX, 78209. These donations are not tax deductible.

For Tax Deductible Donations: Go to Responsible Pet Owners Alliance and use Pay Pay or mail in to RPOA same
address. These funds keep our office open with all that entails.

Subscribe to this announcement only email list to stay informed regarding
all Texas animal issues by emailing:

Siberian Kittens Due from Gemma and Zoran

Image of Siberian Cat Gemma of Pendraig

CH Forest Wind Gemma Sultanova of Pendraig

We are approaching the due date for our highly anticipated litter between two amazing Champion Siberian Cats.  As Gemma continues to grow in her pregnancy her large belly are hinting at either a good sized litter or large kittens, likely both.   Either of which both she and the sire, Zoran are known for producing.

In this litter we are hopeful for Red Classic tabby Siberian Kittens, Silver Classic Siberian Kittens and some Classic Torbie Siberian kittens as well.  It should prove to be a colorful and delightful litter with excellent size, type, coats and super sweet personalities.

Both cats have had recent and clear HCM screenings.  We are processing some other health checks for Gemma but all are expected to be normal.  Her previous litter with Jorrah Karat produced some exceptional kittens including Pendraig Nimue Emrys of (N)Siberikos who will be traveling soon to Norway and her new home at (N)Siberikos cattery.

Zoran is a sweet character adored by his family that includes one very devoted mother and Siberian Cat Breeder at Nadezhda Siberians, her husband and their four beautiful girls.  Zoran has produced some gorgeous kittens including Nadezhda Bella Zoranova Black who has had great success already showing in CFA and she has a regional breed title.  Zoran has a striking pattern and coloring, outstanding type and boning, and the awesome Siberian cat coat that Cica cats are known for all over the world.  Combined with Gemma’s outstanding qualities including her equally good coat, outstanding boning, very wide and well proportioned head these kittens should be outstanding.

Image of Siberian Cat Zoran

CH Zoran Yaroslavovich Black of Nadezhda

Animal Rights is out of Control!

Texans battle it out for the right and freedom to own and breed pets responsibly while the animal rights industry attempts to make pets an extinct species in Texas. Read the rest of this entry »

HCM Screening on our Boys!

Clear heart screenings for our males Aslan and Grisha. As responsible breeders we strive to breed only the healthiest cats and that means doing routine health screening for things such as HCM. Read the rest of this entry »