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Grooming your Siberian Cat – Buying a cat Brush tips by Dawn Campbell

This question comes up often and when dealing with a full coated medium-long length adult cat it is an important issue.  We have tried many different styles of combs and brushes over the years some with better success than others.  Some are designed to be easy for the human and are harsh and even painful for the cat.  Some give the illusion of better grooming but are actually shredding and destroying the coat.  So let’s discuss brushes.

Brushes not to use on a Siberian Cat

The number one is probably the Furminator.  The name explains it all, it not only removes fur it destroys it.  It cuts the coat and shreds it.  This is a disaster for show cats and in general for all cats.  What many people do not realize is the coat on our dogs and cats, because they do not sweat, is a means of insulation for them as well.  And just as we insulate our homes here in the South against the heat their coats work the same way.  Keeping the harsh sun off their skin and providing insulation as they cool themselves through breathing and occasional panting (if a cat is panting in heat it is a sign of impending heat stroke and steps must be taken immediately to cool them!).

Other brushes we do not like are many slicker brushes they are harsh and scratchy and once they clog up with hair they are hard to clean out. They also make an unpleasant noise tot he cats and they yank fur out.

Lastly are tight tooth combs.  Unless you are removing fleas on an infested cat you do not need these tight tooth combs.  They also yank fur out and that is painful.  This will destroy their coat and create an aversion to grooming.

Brushes and combs recommended by Dawn Campbell

We love greyhound style comes for day to day removal of debris from the coat but an even better tool for our Siberians is the rotating tooth comb. The rotating mechanism prevents as much yanking and pulling of the coat and destruction of the coat. The teeth are rounded on the ends which prevents scratching and poking at the cat’s delicate skin. It is great for some of the longer areas of the coat like the briches and tail and ruff.

A new tool we have recommended by one of our cat owners is the Oster Rake comb. We went with the medium head with less teeth so we don’t get pulling and yanking out of hairs. Most of the cats love it. Some of the fuller cats are uncomfortable with long brushing sessions but with molting season on that is normal. We use it periodically throughout the day on different cats to work out the dead and lose fur, stimulate the skin and work through the molting to prevent matting. This rake is also an excellent tool to help us collect fur for the allergy fur testing for homes needing hypoallergenic cats.

In the next installment we will discuss the best natural and holistic shampoos, which hazardous shampoos to avoid (especially dangerous are some natural ones). Also check back for installments on nail trimming, blow drying, ear care and more! Check out the new Natural Cat Care Amazon aStore by Dawn Campbell for other products we recommend and love.

If you have a question you’d like to see us cover just post a comment and let us know. We will be creating videos for these segments in the future as well so let us know what you’d like to see! – Dawn Campbell